Computer glasses

According to a 2017 survey conducted by the Alberta Association of Optometrists, adults are spending an average of 10.5 hours using digital devices every day, and children are spending an average of more than five hours a day using digital devices at home and at school. Because regular-wear glasses are often not well suited for prolonged computer work, speak to your optometrist about computer glasses.

Without the appropriate eyewear, computer users can often end up with blurred vision, eyestrain and headaches – the hallmark of digital eye strain. They may also be over compensating for their blurred vision by learning forward, or by tipping their head to look through the bottom portion of their glasses. These unnatural postures can lead to headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and backaches.

Computer glasses can make all the difference. These are special-purpose glasses prescribed specifically to reduce eyestrain and give you the most comfortable vision at your computer. Because these lenses are prescribed specifically for computer use, they are unsuitable for driving or regular-wear.

The glasses should accurately correct any astigmatism you might have, and precise measurements should be taken to ensure the optical centre of each lens is directly in front of your pupils when you are using your preferred working distance from your screen. Prior to scheduling your eye exam, measure from the bridge of our nose to the surface of your computer screen. Bring this measurement with you to your eye exam so your optometrist can determine the optimum lens power for your computer glasses.

Your optometrist may also recommend adding an anti-reflective coating to eliminate reflection of light from the front and back surfaces of your lenses that can cause eye strain, photochromic lenses that can shield your eyes from visible blue light from your computer screen and digital devises, or adding a light tint to reduce glare caused by harsh overhead lighting and to enhance contrast.

Always consult a knowledgeable eye care professional when purchasing eyewear.