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Alberta Association of Optometrists
100, 8407 Argyll Road
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6C 4B2

Phone: (780) 451-6824 (Edmonton local)

Toll-Free: 1-800-272-8843 (Within Alberta)

Fax: (780) 452-9918
Email: [email protected]


Brian Wik – Chief Executive Officer (Ext-4)
Amber Williams
– Member Services Coordinator / Eye See Eye Learn™ Coordinator (Ext-1)
Karen Hollingsworth –
Office Manager / Eyesafe Assistant Director (Ext-3)
Janice Archbold –
Communications Manager (Ext-7)
Amy Sylvestre -
Events Coordinator (Ext-9)
Al Amarshi 
Director, Vision Care Programs (Ext-6)
Maureen Wade
Eyesafe Program Representative (Ext-8)
Breanne Lindsey
– Data Entry / Eyesafe Administrative Assistant (Ext-2)
Savy Vonn
– Accounting Manager (Ext-5)
Mary Reech 
- Reception/Administrative Assistant (Ext-0)


Brian Wik, CAE
Chief Executive Officer 
(780) 784-5822
[email protected]

Amber Williams
Member Services Coordinator
Eye See... Eye Learn Coordinator
(780) 784-5823
[email protected]

Karen Hollingsworth 
Office Manager 
Eyesafe Assistant Director
(780) 784-5821
[email protected]

Janice Archbold
Communications Manager 
(780) 455-3017
[email protected]

Meaghan Trewin
Community Communications Specialist
(780) 540-9166
[email protected]

Amy Sylvestre
Events Coordinator
(780) 488-7029

Al Amarshi
Director - Vision Care Programs 
(780) 451-6916
[email protected]

Maureen Wade
Eyesafe Program Representative
(780) 451-9451
[email protected]

Breanne Lindsey
Data Entry & Eyesafe Administrative Assistant 
(780) 488-7017
[email protected]

Savy Vonn
Accounting Manager 
(780) 451-9267
[email protected]

Mary Reech
Receptionist & Administrative Assistant
(780) 488-7028
a[email protected]

If you would like to file a complaint against an Alberta optometrist or optometric practice, please contact the Alberta College of Optometrists as disciplinary jurisdiction resides with this body.
1-800-668-2694 (Alberta only)
(780) 466-5999 (Edmonton local)
[email protected]