Our Mission

To establish optometry as every Albertan’s first and continual access point for world leading eye care.

Our Vision

Ensuring world class eye care for every Albertan.

2020/2021 Council

Dr. Richard Cowles, President
Dr. Troy Brady, Past President
Dr. Andrea Lasby, President Elect
Dr. Monica Bell, Director
Dr. Cristy Franco, Director

Dr. Colin Hobson, Director
Dr. Zain Jivraj, Director
Dr. Sophia Leung, Director
Dr. Kim Bugera, CAO Representative


Brian Wik, CAE
Chief Executive Officer
(780) 784-5822
[email protected]

Karen Hollingsworth
Office Manager
Eyesafe Assistant Director
(780) 784-5821
[email protected]

Al Amarshi
Director - Vision Care Programs
(780) 451-6916
[email protected]

Breanne Lindsey
Data Entry & Eyesafe Administrative Assistant 
(780) 488-7017
[email protected]

Janice Archbold
Communications Manager
(780) 455-3017
[email protected]

Ismail Hajar
Business Development
(780) 451-9451
[email protected]

Pam Jansen
Member Services Coordinator
Eye See... Eye Learn Coordinator™
(780) 784-5823
[email protected]

Savy Vonn
Accounting Manager
(780) 451-9267
[email protected]

Amber Williams
Administrative Assistant
(780) 488-7028
[email protected]

Cynthia Lee
Event Coordinator
(780) 488-7029
[email protected]


Our Values

  • Accountable
  • Forward-looking/Innovative 
  • Inclusive 
  • Professional

Alberta Association of Optometrists Bylaws

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