Eye Conditions and Emergencies Information for Patient's

Children (0-18) and Seniors (65+)

Albertans in these age groups are automatically covered for one comprehensive eye exam, including an updated prescription, every benefit year (July 1 - June 30).  Additional exams and procedures are possible based on clinical need.

Medically Necessary Program for Adults (19-64)

What is considered medically necessary?

A medically necessary visit to an optometrist includes:

• Monitoring for diabetes and glaucoma issues
• Retinal detachment, defects and diseases
• Eye infections or injuries
• Inflammation of the eyelid
• Foreign objects in your eye
• Sudden changes in vision
• Pre and Post-operative care for cataract patients
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While the majority of services are insured by the Alberta Government, there are some uninsured services such as retinal photography and other supplementary tests.  Also, regular annual eye examinations (ex: to check or update a glasses/contacts prescription) are not considered to be Medically Necessary, and as such are not covered by Alberta Health.

We always recommend that patients discuss all services and treatments with their optometrist prior to the exam to ensure there are no unforseen costs afterwards.

Optometrists provide quick access for Albertans experiencing eye health problems, whether of an emergent nature or otherwise.