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Eyesafe is a program administered by the Alberta Association of Optometrists to promote workplace eye safety by providing prescription safety glasses, eyewear accessories and services provided by Doctors of Optometry.  Formerly known as Occupational Vision Care (OVC), the program is the largest and longest-running eye safety program in Alberta, and is free to join.

Why is seeing a Doctor of Optometry important to workplace eye safety?

There are many kinds of eye examination procedures used by Doctors of Optometry.  Beyond simply checking a person’s ability to focus, they test the eyes in ways which are highly relevant to safety in the workplace – from light adjustment to depth perception and color blindness.  Here’s an overview of the most common procedures, all of which are performed in your local Optometry office;

  • Removal of Foreign Objects
  • Muscle Alignment & Cover Testing
  • Focus Testing  (Refraction)
  • Slit-Lamp Test
  • Eye Pressure Testing (Tonometry)
  • Colour Perception Testing


    In summary, eye testing is far more than checking to see if you can read a set letters on a far wall.   To keep your eyes in healthy condition over your lifetime and the life of your career, always see your Optometrist annually, use proper eye protection, and be “eyesafe”!

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