The Eye See…Eye Learn®  is a program that provides kindergarten students with a comprehensive eye health exam from a Doctor of Optometry, which is covered by Alberta Health. If required, kindergarten students also receive a free pair of eyeglasses.The program is available to all kindergarten students in Alberta, and those students are eligible from the September they begin kindergarten to Grade One. Free glasses are provided to kindergarten students who received a prescription from a Doctor of Optometry.

Did you know?​

80 per cent of learning is visual.

One in four school-aged children has a vision problem.

An eye exam detects health problems such as crossed eyes or lazy eye.

Many vision problems are difficult to detect without an eye exam.

Children with vision problems are often misdiagnosed as having learning or behavioural disabilities.

The earlier an eye health of visual problem is identified, the more likely it can be corrected.


A child who is having vision or eye health problems will likely experience one or more of these symptoms:
At school:
Struggles with reading, writing or learning.
Performs below ability level.
Loses place while reading or uses finger/marker to guide eyes.
Places head close to books or desk while reading or writing.
At home:
Has a short attention span for age.
Dislikes or avoids close or detailed work (LEGO, drawing, etc.).
Has poor eye-hand coordination.

Physical indicators:
Turns or tilts head to use only one eye; covers or closes one eye.
Blinks or rubs eyes excessively.
Suffers from headaches, nausea, dizziness.
Complains of burning, itching or blurry eyes.
Has double vision.
If your child displays any of these indicators, it’s important to schedule an appointment with a Doctor of Optometry .

How to participate in The Eye See…Eye Learn® Program:

Click here to find a participating Doctor of Optometry near you and to book your child’s appointment.
Take your child in for a comprehensive eye examination, which is covered by Alberta Health Care. (Make sure you have your child’s Alberta health card with you).
Kindergarten students will receive a free pair of eyeglasses, if required. The glasses are covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty.


 Doctor of Optometry Dan Hurd and Parenting Blogger Buzz Bishop speak on the importance of comprehensive eye exams for children and the Eye See...Eye Learn® Program.

When your child visits a Doctor of Optometry, they will check for a multitude of indicators of eye health:
  • Visual acuity
  • Lazy eye, crossed eyes
  • Nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism
  • Eye coordination, tracking and depth perception
  • Colour vision 
  • Eye health
  • Review of family history, overall health and lifestyle
A comprehensive eye exam can help identify serious eye conditions at an early age, so that they can be properly managed and corrected. This exam does than determine if a child sees well – it is also a vital part of their overall health.
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