Equipment For Sale/Wanted


-Canon CR-2 Digital Retinal Camera (Digital Non-Mydriatic Camera)
-Auto focus, Auto capture, Auto exposure, Image error detection, Contrast enhancement
-24 Mega-pixel images, wide angle views.

Please Contact: [email protected].

Zeiss Atlas 9000 Corneal Topographer For Sale -  Calgary (220409)

Purchased in October 2016 ($22,389 list, $16,790 after discount)
Serviced and maintained by Zeiss Service Technicians only
All features (Corneal Topography, Wavefront Analysis, Modulation Transfer, Point Spread function, Pupil Size, Cataract Screening, Pathfinder Analysis for Keratoconus and Laser Correction, Difference Maps, Trend Analysis, Masterfit Contact Lens Module, etc) working like new.  
Please contact [email protected].

Frame Board Pegs/Display Pieces. (220425)

Selling everything for $350.00 or the highest offer. 42 Right angle pegs. 41 left angle pegs, 2 single squared frame displays, 1 large cloud-shaped display, and 1 large waved-shaped display. If interested, they can contact us at [email protected] or call us at (780) 437-1409.

WANTED: Goldmann tonometer compatible with Topcon Slitlamp (220422)

Please send information/offers to [email protected].