AAO online Classifieds!

Welcome to our online listing service for employment opportunities, sale/purchase of optometry equipment and other business opportunities.

Association members can post to the online service free of charge.

Non-members may post to the online service for a fee.


To submit an ad, please send an email to: alberta.association@optometrists.ab.ca . Ensure the subject line reads Classified Ad.

You must provide the following details for all ads:

  • Ad title (this should include the city you are posting the ad for).
  • Type of ad you are posting (employment/sale of item etc.).
  • Ad details.
  • Contact information for people to reply to ad.
  • Doctor and Clinic name.
  • The type of position (full/part time, OD/OD staff, permanent/temporary/locum etc) for employment ads.
  • Length of time posted.


Please download the form attached below, and send the completed form to the AAO office by email to alberta.association@optometrists.ab.ca or by fax to 780-452-9918.

*All ads posted will run for a maximum of one month unless a longer run time is requested.

Please Note:
All ads will be posted within two business days of the day received.