ISEE (In School Eye Evaluation) is a free eye health program pilot funded by the Alberta Association of Optometrists with a goal to decrease the number of grade two students struggling due to vision related problems and to educate students on the importance of eye health.

An eye evaluation is delivered by a Doctor of Optometry (optometrist) in the convenience of a school environment, once parental permission has been provided.

For more information on the ISEE program, visit the parents or teachers information in either school board section or check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Did you know?

•    One in four school-aged children has a vision problem.
•    More than 80 per cent of learning is visual.
•    Many vision problems are difficult to detect without an eye exam.
•    Children with vision problems can often be misdiagnosed as having learning or behavioural disabilities.
•    An eye exam can identify underlying health conditions.
•    The earlier an eye health or visual problem is identified, the more likely it can be corrected.