Eye Conditions and Emergencies



Albertans of all ages can benefit from optometric services.  Avoiding long waits in an emergency room is just one of the many reasons to visit your optometrist for eye emergencies and other conditions (medically necessary exams) and procedures.

Alberta Health Care Coverage varies for different age groups, so for more information on what's covered for you, click here .

Health Care Practitioners

Prompt recognition and appropriate referral of ocular emergencies are essential in the primary care setting when the outcome may depend on timely management. All ocular emergencies, including a penetrating globe injury, retinal detachment, central retinal artery occlusion, acute angle-closure glaucoma, and chemical burns, should be referred immediately to an eye care professional. Optometrists generally reserve a few appointments per day for medically necessary referrals. They have the proper knowledge, tools and equipment necessary to diagnose, treat or refer to a specialist (if needed).

You can find examples of Medically Necessary conditions and services that fall under this category (with the ICD-9 code in brackets) by downloading the document below:
ICD9 Codes
(Adobe PDF File)
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For further information regarding Medically Necessary service, please call (780) 451-6824 (ext 221) or visit www.optometrists.ab.ca.

To download a copy of an eye health referral form, click the link below:
Eye Health Referral Form
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